20/20 – Time Travel

The future is set.

The Stories

20/20 is a collaborative story universe, set in the year 2020, in which time travel has been discovered. Within are the stories of eight characters, thrown together in a world that transcended the barrier of the present and exists equally in the past and the future. Follow them as they struggle with the harsh realities of fate.

On April 23rd, Harrison Walker was the Director of Temporal Astrophysics Research at NASA. On April 24th, he was not.

On April 23rd, the world was certain it would go on forever, or at least for a period of time that no human could truly comprehend. On April 24th, it was not.

Time travel is real. The technology is still in its infancy, and there is so much we have yet to learn. We do know this much—the technology does not function correctly beyond May 28th, 2144. Shifts beyond that time are “successful” but brief, and the amount of energy required to send any amount of mass that far forward for such a little payoff is just not worth the effort.

Or that is what they tell us.

Harrison Walker claims he knows the truth. He claims that there are others who do as well. There is something far more dreadful, for more horrifying in our future than we could have possibly imagined. The only question is—can it be changed?

Somewhere above the Arctic Circle, in the most remote parts of Norway is hidden the headquarters of the Temporal Information and Maintenance Effort—TIME. Chosen for its inaccessibility, the area makes as a natural fortress, with its cragged mountains, lush forests, and treacherous icy fjords. For a while, TIME was able to operate with the utmost privacy and secrecy.

That was until they arrived.

Something is amiss is Norway. People are dying—being hunted by whatever has come for them. With the sun about to rise and not set for another four months, places to hide are about to come all the more scarce.

Welcome to Norway. Welcome to the future.

The U.S. Post Office has become a shell of its former self, with the need for letters being replaced by our ever constant connection with one another. It was just too expensive to maintain, and slowly, the federal government has started shutting down the service.

At least one person had counted on it lasting this long.

In 2008, someone dropped off a package, leaving explicit instructions for it not to be delivered until May 22nd, 2020. The package has sat, gathering dust for over a decade, waiting to be delivered to its intended recipient.

To Jamie Jefford, its only a mild curiosity in a very troubled life. Raised by hateful parents, divorced from a lecherous ex-husband, and exhausted by a world that was always taking, Jamie built up a wall, hoping to defend herself from any future harm. All she wants is for her life to change, and for a morsel of happiness to come her way.

Now that we can move through time, perhaps she can get her wish.

We all have our doubts about the honesty of those in power. We all have at one time believed that someone is not quite telling us the whole story. We all hear things and think “That’s just not…that doesn’t jive.”

Somewhere out there, an individual identifying himself simply as “R” is digging around, trying to find all those little bits of information so that he can distribute them and enlighten the rest of us. UFOs to assassinations, hidden military installations to government cover-ups. “R” dedicates his time and entire life to exposing the truth.

Harrison Walker gave “R” an entirely new crusade.

While “R” remains open-mindedly skeptical about Walker’s claims, he does believe that there is something that the men who run the Continuum Corporation are not telling us. Before now, “R” was little more than a harmless blogger. But soon, his life and the world of the future are going to intersect.

Harrison Walker has enough problems as it is. Aside from losing his job at NASA and the fact that he is wanted in connection with destroying and stealing government data, Walker has personal problems too. His wife has left him and filed for divorce. The stress has given him an ulcer, and the medication he takes for it causes him great pain. Because of all that has happened, even his friends have started to abandon him. But that is not the worst of it.

Walker knows that he is going to be murdered.

Four years ago.

After five years of terrorizing the nation, Solomon Bishop was arrested in Galveston, Texas for the murder of at least eleven people. Four of those bodies are still officially identified. Unofficially, victim number seven, an approximately fifty-five year old male, was identified as Harrison Walker, thanks to the magic of DNA testing. However, Walker was alive and well, living in Houston in 2016.

It was only recently that Walker discovered his murder. Perhaps it was this discovery that finally broke apart his marriage, and maybe accelerated that ulcer. It could have been the thing that propelled him to tell everyone about their upcoming doom. The thing it did do was make Walker certain that sometime in the next decade of his life he was going to make a decision. A decision to travel to the past and die. A horrible, gruesome death.

A decade to wrestle with fate. And lose.

Because of the cost of time travel, not many people have been given license to utilize the technology. Mostly it has been given to scientists and the military, both for research and our protection. Recreational use has pretty much been ignored up to this point. And frivolous usage is out of the question.

Except in the case of Della Corte.

Somehow, the psychic has been given license to travel freely to conduct her work—as an independent Paranormal Investigator. There is no doubt she is gifted, as she has proven herself time and again. She can read people like a book, she can sense things she has no business knowing, and she can communicate with the dead that have yet to move on.

Her latest case, helping a woman named Hallow remove the spirit of a man from her humble home, has all the signs of a relatively “normal” case. There is a good chance she will have to travel back to find the man in life to determine how to help him in death. She has done it before, and she will probably do it again.

That is where it stops being “normal.”

The Terminal Misfortune of Kara Macy

Few things are as wonderful as being a beautiful young woman with the world at her fingertips. Rich, powerful men crave her attention. Trips to Paris, exotic jewelry, beautiful clothing—nearly anything she wants she gets. Men adore her, women want to be her, and life is a bowl of cherries. She has the world on a string.

And pathogens in her blood.

Such is the soon to be very short life of Kara Macy.

She doesn’t know how long she has to live. She doesn’t know what the virus is going to do to her body. She doesn’t know if there is any hope for a cure. She doesn’t know who put it there, or why they would want her dead.

She only knows she is scared.


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